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Certifiably Awesome: Hayley Williams of Paramore

Obsessed with Hayley Williams of Paramore? Us, too! That’s why we’re starting off our newest feature, S Dub’s Certifiably Awesome Series, with this bad ass and inspirational chick.
We sat down with Hayley and asked her 5 fun and unexpected questions that you definitely won’t see anywhere else. Read on to see what’s up!

1. What is your favorite food that is PC aka healthy?
- Kale salad with strawberries and avocados. Plain ol’ baked sweet potatoes. Oh! and Veggie Tom Kha Gai soup with brown rice. 
2. What is your fave food that a health magazine would tell you not to eat?
- Banana Pudding. Mac and Cheese. Sweet Tea. Buttermilk biscuits. Grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m a southern fried female, through and through. Also, I confess to buying peanut M&M’s like every time I go to a movie, which is a lot.
3. What is a skincare myth that you have busted on your own?
- That putting oil on your face will make you breakout. I’m super sensitive and acne-prone and my favorite makeup brand is RMS. Their products have lots of good, organic, pure oils in them and I swear not only do they NOT break me out but they actually make my skin look and feel better. 
4. What percent natural are you?
- Hmm, I’m gonna say about 70 or 75%. I have a habit of buying drugstore eyeshadows and lipstains. Oh and I still use fancy brand perfumes. They’re like some feminine fantasy for me. I feel like they keep me from turning into a boy on tour. My next move is to find a really nice natural one that sticks with me all day… and also keeps me from turning into a boy.
5. What is your naked animal? (Oh you don’t know what this is? Allow us to improve your life tremendously. IF posing for naked photos, what animal would you choose to hide your girly parts?)
- This just became the greatest interview of all time. I’m fairly certain that this is my “naked” animal. Which ironically, wears a bonnet. That’s just the sort of lady I am. 

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