Look, I know everyone is probably so weirded out by S.W.’s love affair with Hayley Williams (except for all of you HW fans out there that really get me amirite??). I can admit that it's a little over the top, and we mention her more than basically anything else, including our own products. But I'm not stopping. Today I've decided to bring you all into the loop. It's not enough for you guys to read about our obsession, I want you to be as obsessed as we are. 
And why on Fuck It Monday, you ask? I’ll tell you why. Because in a super messed up business world of cold, strained, surprisingly difficult relationships, Hayley is a refreshing peach of a human. For S.W., 2013 has been the year of “Why isn’t this person answering my emails/calls/desperate pleas?” “Why is this person so mad at us for no reason?” “Why is this person acting like we’re not cool enough to even exist?” 
Hayley doesn’t do any of that. Here are some other facts about her that should inspire you:
1. She was severely bullied in school and NOW SHE’S A ROCKSTAR.
2. She stands by what she believes in and who she is. Atlantic Records wanted her to be a solo pop star. She said no—it was either her and the band and rock music or nothing. This is how Paramore was born. Aka she got Atlantic Records to let her be herself. Mind-blowing. 
3. She follows her heart and does what she wants. She was worried about releasing Still Into You because it was too poppy. She asked Taylor, her bandmate what he thought. He said, “do you like it?” She said “hell ya I like it.” He said “then who cares do it!” And so they did it
4. She’s not afraid of being judged. Molly Simms, senior editor of BUST Magazine told us that she’s one of the only celebs to ever answer the question, “Are you a feminist?” with a no-pause, no-doubt, no-fear, “YES!”
5. She’s so damn nice. Not only does she communicate with us regularly, not only did she take the time to do an interview with us, not only did she give the team tickets to see her show, not only did she personally take care of us herself when we got there, not only has every single interaction with her been completely warm and delightful, but this is what every single human who has met her says about her. Everyone. 
6. She has sensitive skin and uses natural products. Duh. 
We all want to be rockstars. We all want to make it in the world and really feel proud of our accomplishments. But how often do we think about being kind and humble and approachable no matter where we get in life? That’s how I want to be. I don’t just want to be any rockstar. I want to be Hayley Williams. 
PS- Mad props to the rest of Paramore, too. Don’t think we don’t love you, cause we do. 

IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY which means it’s favorite-things time! Here’s the lowdown on the team’s numero unos!

Adina: Hayley WIlliams. “duh.”

Adam: Philip Roth. ”He’s a complete and total badass.”

Jess A: SLUTEVER! “I discovered Karley’s blog years ago and was instantly obsessed with her realness. Obviously I asked to be her intern just to get the chance to hang with her and yes, she is just as cool (and hot) in person. And now she has a column for Vogue! Go girl.” 

Carolina: The Skimm. ”I am in love with my newsletters, I don’t have time to read the news on the daily so this keeps me cultured :)”

MacKenzie: Spina. “I’m having my very first Grilled Cheese Social popup there next week and I’m literally so excited that I’ll probably pee my pants and tell people about it even when they don’t ask.”

What the Industry is Saying About You

Last week Jess and I had a super fun hang out with Molly Simms from BUST Magazine. We totally want to be her bestie—she was so fun and awesome and easy to talk to. We all decided that her + us + Hayley Williams should have a slumber party to do masks and talk about feminism. 

ANYWAYS. Lots of things came up that made me realize whenever I talk about S.W. in these hangouts I sound like a broken record, but I’ve never actually said them to YOU guys, even though it’s about YOU guys. Duh you should get to know what I say about you. To sum it up, I’m pretty angry all the time about the industry and what it’s like, and what they say about you, and I just walk around defending you and getting really mad at them. 

Let me give you some examples! These are actual quotes from actual industry people:

Non-organic manufacturer:
"No one cares about organic manufacturing, we’re not interested in certifying because no one is interested in the certification. It’s not what people are buying."

Organic manufacturer:
"It would greatly lower your costs if you shifted your formulas. We have plenty of stock formulas for you to choose from, I highly suggest you consider those rather than ‘re-inventing the wheel.’"

Beauty editor:

"Why would anyone ever make their own products? I would never ever do that. I love buying cosmetics. Anyways, can you tell me what celebrities use the line?"

Buyer for a big department store chain:
"Our customer is actually pretty superficial. She doesn’t care about buying natural, at all. Natural brands don’t sell in our store, and we are not looking to expand the category."

Skincare chemist:
"Natural is a trend that’s ending. It’s dying. It may already be over actually."

Acquaintance from a “natural” skincare brand:
"I mean, if you have to add a few chemicals down the line, you’ll have to be willing to do that. You are, right?"

Approximately once a week I proclaim to everyone in our office that I quit. I will get off the phone after having one of these conversations and think, “There is just no way we are going to overcome all these people.” Then I’ll go through customer emails, or onto our social media, or onto other sites of people fighting the same battles we are. I’ll remember that they’re all wrong, and we’re here to prove them wrong. I’ll remember that we do this for you guys, not for them. 

Just remember that the industry may not be your friend, but YOU control it. You guys are the ones in charge. You set trends, you decide what is going to get made, get attention, and get bought. These people are watching you, listening to you, and they are actually afraid of you. How powerful does that make you feel? It should. Think about that when you shop.