Summer’s here and… umm… well, we’re feelin’ a little stinky! Luckily for us, Adina shared a super easy and all natural DIY deodorant recipe with our friends at The Chalkboard.

Here’s what they had to say:

YOUR SWEAT GLANDS are intact for a reason: it’s natural – and healthy – to break a sweat. And yet, very few of us want to go truly au naturel – with good reason. We’re 100% for going green, but we certainly don’t want to smell it. This recipe from the pros at S.W. Basics can be made at home to keep you smelling right and feeling good too. There are plenty of un-natural ingredients to be avoided in conventional deodorant…

Don’t even start with us about deodorant. If you haven’t switched to something natural yet, you should spend some time doing research today. You’ll never turn back. The key to good deodorant is really only one thing: essential oils that kill bacteria and neutralize odors. That’s it. Don’t fight your body’s natural processes, just use something fresh that makes it better. Witch hazel and aloe are both simultaneously astringent and soothing, and a combo of essential oils will especially fight your (gorgeous and sexy) stink!



    2 Tbsp witch hazel
    1 Tbsp aloe juice
    10-20 drops of essential oil: rosemary, sage or clove


    Mix into a spray bottle and store up to three months.

    It’s best to make fresh batches more often, so start small and try to use within one month.

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You get your produce from the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm. Kombucha from Beyond Kombucha. Ice cream from Blue Marble. So why ship your beauty products in from all over the country?

New York’s locavore, all-natural beauty scene is way past its infancy—with labels like Kahina Giving Beauty and RMS having paved the way—and it’s now possible to fill almost every beauty need with a product from a five-borough brand.

From natural fragrance and cream deodorants made in Brooklyn to Manhattan sulfate-free shampoos to Queens-crafted body butters, we’ve curated the city’s top homegrown products made with safe, natural ingredients—and a generous pinch of New York cool. —Randi Eichenbaum and Lisa Elaine Held”

Then they featured out cream! And here’s what they had to say:

"The tagline of this Gwyneth Paltrow-approved local line formally known as Sprout Wellness is “no-frills skin care,” and founder Adina Grigore formulates each product to be gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, with less than five ingredients. The moisturizing face cream has just three: shea butter, incredibly nourishing coconut oil, and olive oil.”

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Today’s guest, Adina Grigore, is a little different in that she has a product-based wellness company. Adina was trained as a health coach, and out of a need to find a solution for her own sensitive skin developed a line of high-quality, all-natural skin care products.

Her company, SW Basics of Brooklyn, has received plenty of impressive media coverage including Martha Stewart and W Magazine.

Today Adina will tell us how she built her built and promoted her business, and we’ll also chat about natural beauty.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How she was discovered by Gwyneth Paltrow, which lead to her big break
  • How you can use the fact that your product or brand is not yet perfect to your advantage
  • What she does to promote her products and brand
  • How important it is to use each social media outlet appropriately
  • The steps Adina took to build her business from an unknown brand to major media exposure
  • The best way to use Instagram in online marketing
  • How to make the decision to quit your day job to work on your business full time
  • How to find and develop influential contacts to increase exposure
  • Advice on being efficient for those who still work full time while building their business
  • Adina’s tips on natural beauty”

To hear our lovely founder share her story, click [HERE].

Whoop whoop! Our cleanser just got written up as one of the best natural skincare products out there by ELLE Canada!

Read the article [HERE].

Or buy our all natural and organic cleanser [HERE].

When did scrubbing your face with harsh chemicals become the standard way to get clean? We think that’s weird. Next to rinsing with water, S.W. Basics Cleanser is about as simple as you can get. It’s perfect for problem and sensitive skin. It’s gentle, non-drying, and contains no alcohol. Plus it smells awesome. We start with a traditional organic rosewater-and-glycerin base and add a tiny bit of organic tea tree oil. No soap, no alcohol, no para-sulfate-whatchamacallits.

If you’ve been exclusively sticking to one of our lip balm flavors for far too long, take Tess Degenstein’s latest post as an excuse to change your ways! She knows exactly what’s up and  her explanations are genus. Why yes, i think our cinnamon lip balm goes perfectly with gourmet oatmeal and since it’s edible, you could even add it right in there… but don’t do that. Unless you’re desperate. And in that case, we won’t judge you. 

Read what she has to say below or visit Clementine Fields [HERE] for the original post.

Peppermint: Perfect for the “gal-on-the-go “, our first flavour literally and figuratively promises to put some “Pep” in your step. To wit: studies have shown that peppermint’s distinctive scent may actually aid in physical performance, improving endurance and even enabling one to run farther and lift more (don’t ask me how! Science is magic!). The scent has also been said to increase alertness, and decreases anxiety- apparently the reason why it is available as an option for so many car fresheners! And you certainly can’t beat that minty tingle for a hit of office-appropriate stimulation throughout your day.

Pair with: a jaunty short (pictured pair from Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week!), a run along the Waterfront, and Aroma’s cool and refreshing Ice Mint tea

Citrus: Whereas peppermint primarily stimulates the body, citrus scents have been proven to target the mind, enhancing memory, improving concentration, and promoting positivity. Perfect for those days when you want to feel your particularly sharp and sunny- be it for a big presentation at work, or a little one’s well-attended bday party! Bonus: citrus, and in particular lemon, is right up there with coconut as a does-everything-product-du-jour, so you’ll be right on trend with this cleanser and superfruit by your side (or on your lips!). 

Pair with: a splash of colour, a trip to your local bookstore, and some hot (and “so hot right now”) lemon water. 

Cocoa: Arguably the most luxurious of the bunch, cocoa is ideal for those days you just want to feel luuuuuush. Not only is the chocolate scent said to produce euphoria (we’ve all seen Chocolat we know how it works), the cocoa butter feels beautifully indulgent on the skin. It’s no wonder that it is one of the main ingredients in all of S.W.’s lip balms.

Pair with: delicacies from SOMA , a trip to Body Blitz,  and anything Juliette Binoche. 

Cinnamon: For me, cinnamon’s rich scent has always held strong connotations of earthy comforts- milk before bedtime, apple pie, a perfect cup of chai. It’s not surprising therefore that the aromatic properties of cinnamon have been known to act as relaxants, even alleviating tension in the joints and reducing headaches. But as anyone who has eaten an accidentally large fistful of Valentine’s Day candy hearts will tell you: the spice also has intense kick. All of which makes it the perfect flavour for an aimless weekend afternoon where anything could happen. 

Pair with: gourmet hot oatmeal, the Sartorialist, and your vintage Polaroid cam. “

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