Here’s a quick little tip to avoid getting damaged skin from winter- Before you apply your makeup, be sure to moisturize. This way, your bodies natural moisture will be locked in and it’ll help avoid dry, flaky, sensitive skin from the season’s harsh conditions.

Oh, and don’t forget to remove the makeup with moisturizer at night as well - even better if it’s an oil-based one!

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"As a beauty blogger, a lot of so-called “miracles” come across my desk.  Most make it to my face, stay in rotation for a few days or weeks until I know enough to write a review, and then get passed along to any takers amongst friends and family.

But not this bunch – this best of the best line up has made it into permanent rotation and I’ll be rebuying well into 2015!  There’s definitely a theme: simple, effective, and multi-use.  If you’re looking to revamp your routine for the New Year, these fab four are a great start …”

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